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McQuillan’s very own product designed by our own engineers

enviroMAX is McQuillan’s very own product designed by our own engineers, its smart technology can help reduce fuel and running cost by up to 10%. enviroMAX  is a state of the art parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems, helping to reduce emission and reduce fuel consumption.  Designed by over 100 years of experience in the boiler industry enviroMAX’s smart technology can be accessed remotely! enviroMAX will change the way you use your steam boiler and maximise its potential.

So what is enviroMAX?

enviroMAX is a micro-modulation combustion and boiler house management system that is designed to reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, increase efficiency and reduce downtime. The envroMAX system ensures optimum combustion efficiency by precision management of air and fuel valves.

Its more than just a combustion management system

enviroMAX is more than just a combustion management system it is a boiler house management system, displayed on its own touch screen interface it keeps a log of key information.

All of the information can be accessed remotely and is also saved onto enviroMAX SD card so the data is never lost.

Key Information

  • Daily blowdown checks
  • Components replaced
  • Next recommended burner and boiler services
  • Next NDT inspection
  • Fuel cost in pounds
  • Water feed pump activations
  • Hours run
  • Boiler operators
  • Steam flow
  • Gas flow
  • Oil flow
  • Water flow

What are the enviroMAX features?

  • Suitable for process burners, steam and hotwater Boilers
  • Up to 10 servo motors can be assigned
  • Suitable for single and twin furnace boilers
  • MODbus communications
  • Remotely monitored via PC and enviroMAX app
  • Non-monotonic servo operation
  • Two independent VFD control channels
  • Ten line voltage user-defined digital inputs
  • Voltage free alarm relay contacts (normally open in non-lockout state)
  • Four user selected line voltage burner profiles
  • Five 4-20 mA analog transducer inputs
  • Cold start thermal shock protection limits mechanical stress
  • Assured low fire cutoff
  • Sequencing for up to 6 boilers
  • SD (Secure Digital) interface for backup and restore
  • Modbus-RTU communications via RS485 with read/write capability
  • PID operation for precise process control
  • Intuitive menu driven design
  • User defined 4-20 mA outputs
  • Minimal wiring to flame safeguard
  • Optional O2 trim
  • Track Modulation
  • Boiler efficiency calculation
  • Engineered and manufactured to ACE standards for product excellence
  • Expert 24hour support from MBS team

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